Picking a proper brand of Coffee ripples is important for our long term production and procedure wit the equipment. To be able to give our clients much more expert details for that choice, Buddy Jet would like to discuss our expert suggestions with all the clients considering the machines:

1.Precisely what is flatbed printing device?

Flatbed printer can also be known as Multifunctional Printer or Omnipotent Printing device which is based on Epson series printing device such as Epson 1290, Epson 1390, Epson R350, Epson 230, Epson 1800, Epson 1900, Epson 4800, Epson 4880, etc. Therefore the operating technique is identical for all of the brands of printers.

2.The quality

We need to target the quality from the printers that is ranged from 360 DPI to 2880 DPI. Actually nowadays, all of the flatbed printers can achieve high and fine printing with nozzles of 540 or higher. How you can appraise the quality is as subsequent:

A: To print out with the highest resolution of the machine. And print out the littlest letters around the materials to find out whether the published letters are proper and crystal clear.

B: Tend not to move the printed components right after one time of printing and then print one more hours to view whether two times publishing can complement or otherwise. This can be to measure the structure’s resolution with regards to the equipment and slide methods.

We have been listing the resolutions in the primary Epson printers which Phone case printer will built on to your reference:

Device model Greatest resolution Nozzle numbers. Colors R 230 5760*1440 dpi 90*6 6.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM R 350 5760*1440 dpi 90*6 6.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM 1290 2880**720 dpi. 90*6 6.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM 1390 5760*1440 dpi 90*6 6.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM 1900 5760*1440 dpi 180*8 8.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LLK/LLC 1800 5760*1440 dpi 180*8 8.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LLK/LLC 4800 2880*1440 dpi 180*8 8.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LLK/LLC 4880 2880*1440 dpi 180*8 8.C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LLK/LLC

3.The characteristics for Constant working.

Continuous operating machines can create much more function and profit for that customers. Which is important to have the device working a minimum of 8 hours/time. Consequently, we need to check the materials the producers use such as the gears, sliding system, and flatbed components.

As well as for this time, all of the factories now in China are employing nearby created types which already match our prime requirements of the strong operating.

4. The inks.

If all of the difficult components are ok, now arrives to the point of the printers’ bloodstream-Printer ink. Lots of the factories are employing the inks nearby manufactured in China which are nevertheless far from top quality in order to save cost. But many customers are wasting cash by transforming heads often. Because terrible printer ink will require us to change the printer ink very often through making head blogging and drying in the printer ink CISS system. There are a few kinds of the ink as subsequent:

A: Ink require covering. (Here is the kind produced in China mainly and used also right here through the factories). We have to use the covering or lacquer before publishing by spray or brushing around the materials prior to printing. The not so good factors with this printer ink are: The covering has strong smell which is harmful to environmental surroundings and human being; the coating will harm the outer lining of specific components including the crystal and window.

B: Immediate printer ink. (Mainly produced in Korea and Taiwan, China). This type of ink is stronger when it comes to balance overall performance. There is absolutely no need to use the coating before printing.

C: Fabric printer ink or it is actually called Water dependent ink which is primarily used for fabric publishing. We do not recommend the customers to use this method for t-shirt publishing, as the process is as well complicated as well as the end result is not too strong.

To make better knowing to our own read, our company is making the comparison checklist as following:

Ink kinds Printer ink needs coating Direct printer ink Cost 100USD/Liter 170USD/Liter Balance time 4-5 years 4-5 years Harm time for brain 400 working hours 800 operating hours Components cannot assist Glass, crystal,And transparent Pvc material Al materials Spare time from the machine. round the clock 72 hours Cleaning time. 5 occasions/time. 2 times/day.

5.The back-up Service.

Now so many people are buying dtg printer only for its lower cost primarily. This is not the correct stage. If the printer’s cost is low, then the services has to be also low. As flatbed printing device is not large dvlcvh or offer, it really is hard for your suppliers in China to offer the door-to-door service on site. In this case, the internet assistance or distant assistance grows more important. Due to the time-delay, numerous providers cannot provide service at the most urgent moment. 24*365 hours service should be always readily available.

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