Just like with many selective breeding of reptiles, bearded dragons are occasionally targeted as jobs themselves. What will happen is if there are a few bearded dragons who have some unique traits, say they’re large, they have truly bright colors, or regardless of the case may be, the outcome is totally new bearded dragons with even much more more powerful of those listed traits. So let’s say you do have a couple of bearded dragons which have yellowish around there jaws. Then you decide to breed of dog them, the outcome will be a set of bearded dragons that have even much more yellowish about there jaws, then their offspring might have more yellow, etc up until you might have a set that could show almost a complete yellow entire body. While this may seem like a simple task it should be left to a professional breeder. The main reason you can’t just breed of dog brother and sibling, is mainly because each and every time you breed you run the chance of growing problems and hereditary deformities. There’s a lot of risk involved and need to really know what you’re performing in order to possess achievement using this type of method. The rest of us can nevertheless, benefit from the selective breeding jobs of those experts in the form of new and spectacular kinds of bearded dragon.


Sandfire Bearded Dragons

Sandfire bearded dragons initially appeared during the early 1990’s. There one in the first genetically controlled bearded dragons. These are selective bred off their bearded dragon which has most orange and red inside their all-natural coloration. The name sandfire originated from the sandfire dragon ranch where these people were first produced by their owner Bob Mailloux. The sandfire dragons that are mainly a crimson and fire-red color are called sandfire reds, and those that are rich yellow and mustard gold are called sandfire golds.

Gold Dragons

An additional colour would be the gold dragon which initially were only available in the 1990s. These are bred from dragons that have each red-colored and gold hues. These dragons also may discuss some genetic makeup with all the sandfire dragons.


These dragons are type of a mix involving the great red coloring from the sandfire dragons as well as the bright precious metal colouring from the gold dragons. The head and jaws are vibrant yellowish and there flanks really are a crimson colour, they may be really some thing to consider. Some may even say that they appear to be radioactive, because they are so bright.


These are generally also known as ruby red. These are generally bred from dragons that have plenty of red-colored within their colouring. These may appear just as if there drenched in bloodstream.

Pale Varieties

Not everyone seems to like these red, yellow, and gold creatures. But that’s Okay because there’s a wide selection of various colour varieties to select from. There is a leucistic dragon. This dragon is nearly completely white. These are not albino however they look just like a ghost. There are real albino dragons that do exist, and also they have got some that are called snow- dragons that are an identical all white-colored coloration since the leucistic dragon.

German Giants

The German leaders are bred from beardies which can be bigger in proportions as well as a get more of the sturdier bone tissue structure. These kinds of beardies had been imported to Germany inside the 1980’s and therefore implemented the title German Giants. To compare and contrast one of these to a regular sized dragon, a German giant is approximately 50 % weightier than normal dragons. Even the German huge ddmegs may set around 65 eggs along with a standard bearded dragon female may have around 25- 28 chicken eggs. When first determining what colour variance to purchase as a very first time dragon buy, I would recommend investing in a normal one purchased at your neighborhood pet store. The reason is so that you may find out if being a beardie keeper is the cup of herbal tea, or even then marketing one is a lot easier than it would be to get a far more rare color variation and then try to sell it off. Additionally it’s also far more expensive to purchase one of those rare dragons.


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