Al Azhar Memorial Garden Islamic Cemetery is the greatest Islamic Cemetery in Indonesia based in Karawang in accordance with Islamic Sharia. Special Islamic Graveyard is managed by YPI Al Azhar, Al Azhar Muslim Cemetery is managed expertly as well as in Islamic sharia.

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Al-Azhar Memorial Garden is handled according to Islamic regulation – through the dealing with in the deceased before burial for the treatment and proper care of the serious article-funeral service – all following Islamic rules.

Islamic funeral rules in accordance with sharia are the following:

• Muslim plots must not be mixed with low-Muslim graves.
• Facing Qibla.
• Easy, consisting only of piles of land and absolutely nothing built on it.
• There exists a tombstone being a sign.
• Plots must not be stepped on, engaged, and trampled upon.
• Burial place depth of 1.5 m.
• Based on the DKI Jakarta MUI Fatwa in 2011, piled body are not allowed.
• Based upon MUI Fatwa No. 9 of 2014, buying burial plots in which there is a tabzir and israf element in it is haram
• Easy Only Consists of Mounds and nothing constructed
• We frequently see serious-meals built with various forms of structures into it with various ceramics and various paints. In Islam this is not suggested. Because the Prophet and also the buddies of the Prophet.

• Ibn al-Qayyim stated in his book Zaadul Ma’aad, “Along with his burial place was sallallaahu‘ alayhi wa sallam was dug in the earth just like a hump in the red fields. There is absolutely no developing or plastering. Likewise, the plots of his two buddies (Abu Bakr and Umar). ”

“Narrated from Jabir, he explained: Rasulullah SAW forbade plastering the grave, sitting on it and constructing structures onto it.” (HR. Islamic, no. 94/970)

• Graveyard Will not be engaged or trampled
• In Jakarta there is a phenomenon that kids or homeless people are forced to reside in graves simply because they cannot afford to rent a property. Although things such as this usually are not permitted. Let alone staying above it, sitting and moving on it is really not permitted.
• “The Messenger of Allah. said, ‘It is way better for one individuals to stay on embers to shed his clothing and his entire deceased rather than to sit on the grave’, (Muslim HR (971).
• Rasulullah said until that. This is due to how much guy was glorified by God even after he passed away.
• Grave Depth of 1.5 M
•Why?? In order that the deceased or perhaps the remains are safeguarded or shielded from living creatures. Likewise, the residing is spared from the dead, from the smell etc. other.
• May Place Markers Headstones
• As a marker requirements in order that we do not shed track or so effortlessly when creating pilgrimage, then there is a necessity to publish the title of the person who passed away on the grave or around the gravestone as a marker so that the grave is recognized, not within the class of bragging permitted. Remember only as being a marker not within the grandeur group.

• Unlawful Grave of Haram
• Now it seems that an extravagance grave trend has emerged with various wah facilities on offer. Though this is unlawful. The MUI clearly claims that buying and selling land for the main benefit of luxury graves, which contains components of tabdzir and lawful write, is forbidden, ”explained MUI Fatwa No. 9 of 2014

Were you aware that in Islam there are instructions that the tombs of Muslims and non-Muslims usually are not recommended to be in a funeral complicated? Why. Because Allah glorifies Muslims. Islamic Sharia has provided recommendations in order not to bury the infidel in Muslim eaters and vice versa. Non-Muslim graves are places in which Allah will give punishment while Allah’s Islamic plots can give Allah’s mercy in the form of forgiveness of sins. Then it is not proper for any place filled with adzab to get united with the place where God’s grace will be exposed.

Because the Prophet SAW said: “I am just clear of Muslims who are next to each other with polytheists.” Then the Apostle said once again: So the fire of these two do not coexist “. HR. Abu Daud).

This really is one of reasons why the Islamic Boarding School Foundation (YPI) through its company department developed a Muslim hbdsgf funeral service complicated known as Al-Azhar Memorial Garden found on Jalan Raya Peruri KM.53-54, Karawang Regency, West Java. As a type of Al-Azhar’s concern for problems related to funerals and the way to perform the procession of death sharply.

The handling of Al-Azhar Memorial Gaden embodies the vision and objective by really performing a funeral procession from upstream to downstream by relying on the values ??outlined by religious beliefs.

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