OPP France light luxury men’s shoes increase 312 times faster than women’s shoes. This year’s Black Friday, men that have always been mocked that “consumption is not as effective as dogs”, men’s shoes have grown to be the highlight of men’s hands.

On the 29th, the reporter learned this year ’s Black Friday, the growth rate of men ’s consumption is generally higher compared to women inside the fields of light luxury, clothing and footwear, home life, and watch accessories. For example, Cheap Designer Shoes, consumption growth is women ’s shoes. 312 times.

The men that were once in the bottom in the consumption chain begun to counterattack and lived more and more refined.

For many years of “Black Friday”, what style of shoes did men buy? Black Friday this coming year, on the e-commerce platform, the system price of light luxury customers increased by nearly 50% over last year. VERSACE, TUMI, Ermenegildo Zegna and other big names would be the favorite of male users.

The information demonstrates that in light luxury, in addition to the eye-catching development of men’s shoes, the season-on-year growth of men’s bags and men’s clothing has additionally performed well, 57 times and 69 times those of women’s bags and women’s clothing, respectively.

“Bag cures all diseases” is not limited to girls, and boys will never relent when they buy a bag. OPP France men’s sneakers are the most famous, with sales up 1273% year-on-year, that is five times the growth rate of girls’ best-selling shoes.

Chopping hand bags still can’t stop, and sweaters and belts are all handy. In the Men’s Sweatshirt Top10 list, a 1299 yuan KENZO sweater took over as the top list, and a 3,999 yuan Burberry sweater have also been on the popularity list. Koala’s Black Friday data implies that the sales of men’s belts have increased by 42.1%. They love Ferragamo and GUCCI.

Big names usually are not important – GUCCI, BURBERRY, VERSACE are definitely the favorite big names of the post-95s, however the big ones are not important. The post-95s buy personality. Buy individual Mens Shoes at OPP France.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan co-branded barb, Adidas luminous green reflective coconut, Off White cross arrow, speed bump stripe, KENZO tiger head, OPP multi-colored sneakers … These tide products have grown to be men’s post-95 Trendy nonsense has also set off a distinct segment trend.

AJ series of joint limited-edition shoes, post-95 male buyers accounted for more than 60%. Off-white fashion brand Off White, sales have risen by 40 times when compared with last year, post-95 boys bought 60%.

It is actually understood that in order to fulfill the post-95 personalized consumption needs, online shopping has gathered thousands of sharp goods in more than 80 countries and launched the Black Friday “Haunting List”. OPP designer shoes can be bought at half price .

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